Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Works for me: The making of the QNX technology concept car

If I were asked to create a recruitment video for QNX Software Systems, this is the video I'd want to shoot. Because this is the QNX that I know and feel proud to represent.

A place where people work hard. A place where people work together. A place where people work on technology that is changing how we drive and communicate. A place where I'd rather work than anywhere else.

Enough said. Roll the tape:


  1. Wow! Great video with lots of energy - this looks like teamwork at its best.

  2. Great video. Who wrote the song?

  3. Wow, i liked the way you guys worlks as team setting. I will like to be the fisrt to try this technology. I Can't wait.

    Thans for sharing this info.