Monday, January 14, 2013

Day three of CES: Almost too exciting

Day three was interesting in that we had too many VIPs to see the Bentley at the same time: Tanner Foust, Thorsten Heins, and high-level execs from both Mercedes and Porsche. All had a good long look and chat inside the Bentley. I won't tell you which ones had to wait. ;-)

Nice problem to have, I know... but a little stressful nonetheless. (You never want to turn people away.) Of course everything worked out just fine. Better than fine, really.

Thorsten was very gracious and took the time to shake hands with all QNX employees. Tanner Foust (whom I did not know before the show) patiently posed for pictures with those QNX employees who were more informed than me about his star status.

Thorsten Heins (RIM CEO) had a good long chat with his buddy, Dan Dodge (QNX CEO).

Race car driver, Tanner Foust, drifted into the booth to see what QNX was all about. Here he is with Justin Moon from the concept development team.

Kerry Johnson, manager of automotive product management, pinch hit between meetings with customers, press, and analysts.

Victor Marques took his job on the show floor as seriously as he does when in the office.

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