Wednesday, December 28, 2016

BlackBerry Radar and Modagrafics Partnership - A New Dimension in Asset Management

Kaivan Karimi
Sr. Vice President, Marketing and Strategy
BlackBerry Technology Solutions 

The need for efficiency in the trucking and transport industies has ever been more important.  Trailer utilization, theft, delay, and spoiled cargo are a few examples of problems that need to be solved.  

This is where BlackBerry Radar provides an innovative solution.  BlackBerry Radar allows shipping firms to monitor cargo in real-time, tracking everything from vehicle location and route data to trailer temperature, humidity, and contents. Thanks to its cloud-based analytics dashboards – that are accessible from anywhere via the web – Radar enables faster decision-making, more efficient use of trucking assets, and an overall increase in revenue per trailer.  Simple and self-contained, Radar dispatches instant event-driven alerts and regular, real-time updates, providing much better visibility into the status of the trailer for the dispatch center. Each Radar device is maintenance-free and takes only minutes to install, with a battery that lasts over three years while transmitting information more often than most tracking systems in the market. The built-in sensors monitor conditions and securely provide data to both the Radar dashboard and a fleet’s existing transportation management system
Radar’s end-to-end security, cloud-based architecture and browser-based user interface eliminates the need for costly IT investments or extensive security configurations.  With advanced technologies that are years ahead of competitors, our goal with Radar has always been to drive efficiency in the trucking industry. We constantly talk to our customers and partners and find solutions to their problems.  Our new partnership with fleet servigraphics provider and branding specialist Modagrafics is another step in this direction. 

Trailers are the new “mobile billboards,” and with a 97% ad recall rate (probability of remembering an Ad at later date after being exposed to) by consumers, trailer ads represent a valuable advertising tool. For over forty years, Modagrafics has provided fleets with the latest technology, design services, materials, printing, and logistics for vehicle branding. Their national installation network and experienced strategic management team wield a powerful product portfolio to offer better displays and easier management of brand presence. 

With Radar, Modagrafics is an even stronger strategic partner to their customers.  “The fleet customers we serve around the country have been looking for an affordable way to make all their trailers ‘smarter’ and leverage their fleet assets more effectively,” says Paul Pirkle, President and CEO of Modagrafics. “BlackBerry Radar is a game-changing solution that is incredibly easy to install and deploy across a fleet’s trailer pool. We think this is a huge step forward for the out-of-home advertising market.”

Radar provides a whole new level of ad measurement for trailer advertising campaigns. Branded trailer owners can see what highways their rolling billboards have been driving on, when they were there, and how much time they spent in areas dense with “consumer eyeballs.” They can then adjust routes and stops to get maximum reach for their ads, increasing their ability to reach targeted consumers. 

With its state-of-the-art secure sensing and communication technologies, ease of installation, and efficiency of use, BlackBerry Radar is changing the face of fleet management one partnership at a time.

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Kaivan Karimi is the SVP of Strategy and Business Development at BlackBerry Technology Solutions (BTS). His responsibilities include operationalizing growth strategies, product marketing and business development, eco-system enablement, and execution of business priorities. He has been an IoT evangelist since 2010, bringing more than two decades of experience working in cellular, connectivity, networking, sensors, and microcontroller semiconductor markets. Kaivan holds graduate degrees in engineering (MSEE) and business (MBA). Prior to joining BlackBerry, he was the VP and General Manager of Atmel wireless MCUs and IOT business unit.

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