Thursday, January 7, 2016

Video: Paving the way to an autonomous future

Lynn Gayowski
Lynn Gayowski
CES 2016 is now underway, and our kickoff to the year wouldn’t be complete without a behind-the-scenes look at the making of our new technology concept vehicle and updated reference vehicle.

The video below follows the journey of building our vehicles for CES 2016 and highlights the technologies we’re using to speed progress towards automated driving — and the list of tech that QNX covers is impressive! It includes advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), V2X, and augmented reality, not to mention digital instrument clusters, in-car communication, and infotainment:

QNX Software Systems continues to innovate in automotive, with a vision for the evolution of automated driving and a trusted foundation for building reliable, adaptable systems. At risk of giving away the big finale, I think John Wall, head of QNX, sums up perfectly what QNX is on target for in the automotive industry: “We will dominate the cockpit of the car.” It’s a bold statement but we’re already amassing some imposing stats that back this up:

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