Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ADAS: The ecosystem's next frontier

At DevCon last week, Renesas showcased their ADAS concept vehicle. It was just what you would expect from an advanced demonstration, combining radar, lidar, cameras, V2X, algorithms, multiple displays and a huge amount of software to make it all work. They were talking about sensor fusion and complete surround view and, well, you get the picture.

What isn’t readily obvious as you experience the demo is the investment made and the collaboration required by Renesas and their ADAS ecosystem.

Partnership is a seldom recognized cornerstone of what will ultimately become true sensor fusion. It seems, to me at least, unlikely that anyone will be able to develop the entire system on their own. As processors become more and more powerful, the discrete ECUs will start to collapse into less distributed architectures with much more functionality on each chip. The amount of data coming into and being transmitted by the vehicle will continue to grow and the need to secure it will grow alongside. V2X, high definition map data, algorithms, specialized silicon, vision acceleration and more will become the norm in every vehicle.

How about QNX Software Systems? Are we going to do all of this on our own? I doubt it. Instead, we will continue to build on the same strategy that has helped take us to a leadership position in the infotainment market: collaborating with best of breed companies to deliver a solution on a safety-certified foundation that customers can leverage to differentiate their products.

The view from above at Renesas DevCon.

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