Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nothing semi about this HEMI

I rarely speak about any car in particular — I'm more interested in trends than trim levels — but allow me to make an exception. Because Chrysler has just announced a new Challenger equipped with a jaw-droppingly powerful HEMI V8.

How powerful, you say? Try 707 hp. Which is more than enough to make the Challenger SRT Hellcat the fastest, most powerful muscle car in history.

I haven't seen this car in person, but already, I'm in love with it. Which is weird, because I've been a tree-hugger since before the term existed. Can a person like myself who screams at colleagues for not recycling Coke cans honestly get excited over a car like this?

You bet. Because I prefer to live in a world where humans (and car makers) have latitude to indulge themselves. A world where the lion of fantasy can lie down with the lamb of environmentalism. A world where most vehicles are as green as grass, but where some can still roar to life with red-hot, unadulterated power.

So, tell me, does that sound schizoid? Or just well-balanced?

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