Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finally, I can throw away my 8 tracks

Okay, maybe I'm not old enough to have owned 8-track tapes. But I do remember that my uncle had an 8-track player in the dash of his station wagon when I was a kid, and I am old enough to have owned a car with a cassette player.

Music has been fundamental to the driving experience for about as long as cars have been on the road. Terrestrial radio dominated forever, supplemented by tape and then CD. XM radio came along in 2001 and connecting your iPod started to show up in the late 2000s. That's 5 formats since the Model T was introduced in 1908 (okay, so it didn't  have a radio) and 3 formats in the first 90 years.

Now, with connected cars becoming a reality, the rate of change is shifting into overdrive. Want Pandora – check. Want to listen to the top alternative radio station in Dublin while driving in California – check. Want to keep listening to your Songza programming as you move from the house to the car – check.

Today's announcement from QNX and 7Digital adds a whole new dimension. Having 7Digital in the car will unify the music ownership experience across the big three: car, pocket, and home. Want to listen to your own music programming in the car – check. Want to buy a song you just heard on that Dublin radio station – check.

Read the press release for details. And when you're done, check out the 7digital blog.


  1. Hi Romain, does this mean that, if I buy a song on my BlackBerry Z10 (through 7Digital) I can access this song in the car (without needing to have the Z10 in the car)?

  2. Michael, technically, if you have it on your Z10 and the car is equipped with QNX Car 2, you could just play the music on your Z10 which would be connected to your car. So, no need to have the song on the car.

    But, yes, if it is in your Digitial7 collection, you can play it on any device connected to Digital7.
    " Users of the integrated stores will be able to browse, preview and purchase music within their car, as well as access their existing collection already stored in 7digital’s cloud-based Locker. This will extend the 7digital connected-device experience to the car."