Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day one of CES — so far so great!

The QNX booth was like a mob scene. I think Phil Hetherington, senior director of the QNX acoustics group, hit the nail on the head when he said, "it's like a mosh pit in here." (He meant it in a good way. ;-)

I'm so proud and happy for the guys who spent their Christmas vacation working on the car. People are absolutely clamoring over each other to see it. I think there were more pictures taken of the Bentley than of the attractive talents in all other booths combined.

CES is a show like no other. Even as I write this I know I am missing something exciting on the show floor.

So with this in mind, I bid everyone adieu. I'll get some more shots today.

One of three demos in the Elektrobit booth (3220 North), showcasing the QNX CAR application platform.

Another example of what happens when you put two world-class suppliers together — Elektrobit and QNX, of course.

This demo replicates an impressive infotainment unit created for Audi using the QNX CAR application platform and EB street director.

EB street director and QNX CAR application platform — up close and personal.

Such an honor to be recognized again at this year's CES show!

Solowheel was a big hit! It's a gyro-stabilized electric unicycle that can be used as you would an electric bicycle.

Shooting our own video was really challenging as it was so hard to get 5 minutes in the Bentley. When we did, we still couldn't keep people away from the car!

Alexandre James, from the QNX concept design team, moved smoothly from software developer to company spokesperson.

Mark Rigley, concept design team lead, looked a lot more refreshed than he did last week when the car was still in a work in progress.

It seemed almost everyone wanted to capture the excitement of the new QNX technology concept car. Here's Andy Gryc, the perennial spokesperson, giving one of many demos throughout the day.

While the Bentley Continental was the bell of the CES ball, the Jeep Wrangler (2012 QNX reference vehicle) still did the job of capturing people's interest.

Sheridan Ethier, the hard-working manager of the QNX CAR engineering team, talked nonstop about the technology that he and his engineering group create.

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