Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Head to the polls and vote for your favorite CES Car of Fame

Over the last couple of months we have recapped the stars of the QNX garage – our technology concept cars and reference vehicle — in the CES Cars of Fame series. And now, we are opening the floor to you!

Starting today through February 14 you can vote for your favorite vehicle that we have featured at CES. Did the eye-catching Bentley strike your fancy or did the updated Jeep put you into another gear? It’s all up to you. We will announce the fan favorite on Tuesday, February 18.

So once again here is the full list of our CES Cars of Fame blog posts. Have one last look and cast your vote:

Cast your vote here.


  1. Of the listed concepts, I voted for the most recent (Mercedes CLK).

    I did like the larger screens with more refined presentations of graphics/information. I did not like all the hard buttons, there were too many. If it's a hard button, it should be worth memorizing the location+function to be toggled when driving without looking.

    So my heart was split between the CLK demo, and the Bentley demo which had the genius hybrid physical dials/buttons (rear DLP, optical encoder) that could be designated on the fly to fulfill the relevant context.

    The Audi FPK demo posted to the QNX youtube channel represents a nice progression of synthesis between hardware and software.

    It's obvious that you can do more (more information, more controls) with less (fewer buttons, fewer single purpose hardware components). The challenge and marker of successful implementations is making all of this easier, so that it gets used.

    1. Good points, Johnny. Especially agree with your last one. You've got make it easy -- and, as it turns out, that can be very hard to do. :-)
      - Paul