Wednesday, May 23, 2012

OnStar RemoteLink app comes to BlackBerry smartphones

This just in: The RemoteLink App from OnStar, which allows smartphone owners to remotely start their vehicles, check fuel levels, and lock or unlock their doors, is now available for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 phones.

RemoteLink has been available for iPhone and Android phones, but many OnStar subscribers have asked for a BlackBerry version of the app. In response, Onstar wrote a new version for the BlackBerry platform, in HTML5.

“Writing the app using HTML5... positioned us to be more flexible supporting new phone operating systems,” said Steve Schwinke, director of advanced systems development for OnStar.
Opening screen
for RemoteLink

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In 2011, OnStar added navigation to RemoteLink, allowing users to search for a destination on their smartphone and send it directly to their vehicle. Users can then access the route through the QNX-powered OnStar system.

By leveraging OnStar’s connection to the vehicle, the app can report on oil levels, tire pressures, fuel level, and lifetime miles per gallon. It also offers remote commands, such as remote start, door lock/unlock, and horn/light activation.

According to OnStar, a total of 821,000 smartphone owners actively use the RemoteLink app.

To read OnStar's press release, click here. To download the RemoteLink app from BlackBerry App World, click here.

On a related note, here's a conversation between QNX's Andy Gryc and OnStar's Steve Schwinke. The topic: how HTML5 can benefit the auto industry.



  1. Where's the 9810 version?

  2. From what I can tell, OnStar only announced a version for the 9900 and 9930 -- but why don't you them know that, as a 9810 owner, you'd also like the app? It can't hurt. Cheers, Paul

  3. not available in Canada.

  4. Great features!

  5. Why not available in Canada?

  6. BlackBerry & QNX = Canadian

    Service not available in Canada? Something isn't right...

  7. Please make this available in Canada :)

  8. bring to canada!

  9. I don't know the reason why it isn't available, but why don't you let OnStar know that, as a Canadian consumer, you'd really like to use their app? That's what I always do when I want a company to offer a particular feature or product. Cheers, Paul

  10. Just got an lg smart phone but cannot down load the app is this phone compatible

  11. Anonymous, I suggest you check with OnStar re phone compatibility.
    Cheers, - Paul

    p.s. Apologies for late response