Tuesday, September 22, 2015

From ADAS to autonomous

A new webinar on how autonomous driving technologies will affect embedded software — and vice versa

Paul Leroux
When, exactly, will production cars become fully autonomous? And when will they become affordable to the average Jane or Joe? Good questions both, but in the meantime, the auto industry isn’t twiddling its collective thumbs. It’s already starting to build a more autonomous future through active-control systems that can avoid accidents (e.g. automated emergency braking) and handle everyday driving tasks (e.g. adaptive cruise control).

These systems rely on software to do their job, and that reliance will grow as the systems become more sophisticated and cars become more fully autonomous. This trend, in turn, will place enormous pressure on how the software is designed, developed, and maintained. Safety, in particular, must be front and center at every stage of development.

Which brings me to a new webinar from my inestimable colleague, Kerry Johnson. Titled “The Role of a Software Platform When Transitioning from ADAS to Autonomous Driving,” the webinar will examine:
  • the emergence of high-performance systems-on-chip that target ADAS and autonomous vehicle applications
  • the impact of increasing system integration and autonomous technologies on embedded software
  • the need for functional safety standards such as ISO 26262
  • the emergence of pre-certified products as part of the solution to address safety challenges
  • the role of a software platform to support the evolution from ADAS to autonomous driving

If you are tasked with either developing or sourcing software for functional safety systems in passenger vehicles, this webinar is for you. Here are the coordinates:

Wednesday, October 7
1:00pm EDT

Registration Site

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