Tuesday, May 7, 2013

QNX, Renesas to integrate R-Car SoCs and QNX CAR platform

Paul Leroux
This just in: QNX and Renesas today announced that they are integrating support for Renesas R-Car SoCs into the QNX CAR application platform. The companies also announced that QNX is joining the Renesas R-Car consortium, a partner program designed to help drive rapid development of next-generation in-car systems.

Renesas designed its R-Car SoCs to power a variety of high-end navigation and infotainment systems. The SoCs integrate a 3D graphics processor, an audio processing DSP, and image recognition processing IPs, as well as support for CAN, MOST, USB, Ethernet, SD Card, and other interfaces.

As part of their collaboration, QNX and Renesas intend to include support for the recently announced R-Car H2 Soc. According to Renesas, the H2 is now the world's highest-performance SoC for car information systems, with a Dhrystone benchmark of over 25000 DMIPS.

For more information, read the press release.

UPDATE: My colleague Kosuke, who writes for the QNX Japan blog, has just sent some photos from the Embedded Systems Expo in Tokyo, where Renesas unveiled the first demonstration of the QNX CAR platform on an R-Car M1A processor.

Here is a shot of the demo:

And here's a closeup of the BOCK-W board that hosts the M1A processor:

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