Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First look: HTML5 SDK for the QNX CAR platform

Whenever I hear the word “ripple,” I think of ice cream: butterscotch ripple, chocolate ripple, lemon ripple, and (yum) strawberry ripple. Well, the video I'm about to show you isn’t about ice cream, but it is about something that’s just as cool and just as sweet: the Ripple mobile environment emulator.

Ripple already supports multiple platforms, such as BlackBerry 10 and Apache Cordova, allowing developers to preview how their apps will look and function on a variety of mobile devices. And now, thanks to extensions provided by the QNX CAR development team, it will also emulate how an app looks and performs in a vehicle infotainment system.

Simply put, the same tool that helps app developers target mobile platforms will also help them target the car.

QNX Software Systems will offer this modded version of Ripple as part of the HTML5 SDK for the QNX CAR platform. The goal of the SDK is simple: to help mobile developers and automakers work together on creating apps for in-vehicle infotainment systems.

If you’re a developer, you’ll be able to use the Ripple emulator and its associated Web Inspector to perform JavaScript debugging, HTML DOM inspection, automated testing, and screen-resolution emulation, all from the convenience of a web browser. You’ll also be able to modify your apps and view the results without having to recompile — simply edit your source code and hit refresh in the browser. You’ll even be able to perform remote debugging on the evaluation board or final hardware used by the automaker, again from the same browser environment.

Enough from me. Let’s get the complete scoop from my colleague Andy Gryc:


  1. thanks for share.

  2. What all should i install on a desktop(Windows or Linux) to create and test QNX Car2 app using HTML5

    1. Hi Anonymous, and thanks for your question. I am looking into this; stay tuned.
      - Paul

    2. Okay, here's a bit more info -- To develop an application, our application partners work with the QNX SDK for HTLM5, which provides all the APIs required to create apps for the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment. Today, we work with a hand-picked group of companies that port apps to the QNX CAR Platform, but the plan is to make the SDK more accessible to the developer community at large. To that end, we’ve contributed our APIs to the Apache Cordova project. We are also planning updates to the QNX CAR Platform that will help developers test out their apps without the need for actual hardware. Stay tuned. - Paul