Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From out behind the curtain

The first of an interview series with the QNX concept team

Imagine if you went to a Rolling Stones concert and the entire band played behind a curtain. That would be totally weird, right? Well, we realized that much the same scenario was playing out with the QNX concept team. Their work, including the QNX concept car, has appeared in A-list venues like CES and Mobile World Congress, yet the team itself has remained largely behind the curtain. And that’s too bad, since the team members embody the qualities I like best about QNX. Innovation, for example.

So, in the spirit of setting things right, we decided to pull back that curtain and make some introductions. And where better to start than with Mark Rigley, the team’s director.

If I were to describe Mark in one word, I’d choose chutzpah. Or gumption. Or moxie. He is the antithesis of wait-and-see. To spot him in a room, just look for the guy who says, “Let’s do it!” when everyone else is still stuck in “maybe,” “might work,” or “I need to get back to you on that.” And when you think about it, that attitude fits the bill perfectly. Because when your job is to take something like a Porsche 911 (an example of automotive perfection, if ever there was one) and make it even cooler, you’d better have a measure of confidence in yourself — and in your team.

Indeed, if anything shines out from this interview, it is the awe and respect that Mark holds for his team members. (Okay, I’ll admit it. Something else shines brightly: Mark’s enthusiasm for the next QNX technology concept car. Did I mention the team is working on one?)


  1. Are you guys ever going to do a truly cool car (like the Tesla Model S)?

    If you really want to show your mettle, you'll want to take a car that is bleeding edge technology, and that already has an impressive telematics package, and ramp it up a notch. That's what will get attention (and more importantly assure QNX's future in the automotive space).

    Frankly, doing concepts on car technology that is obsolete seems pointless...

  2. Hi Rennie. I don't agree with the "pointless" statement (as if I would!), but I think I do see your point. Looking forward to your response when the next technology concept vehicle is unveiled... and when I no longer have to be so circumspect :-)

    - Paul