Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Want to be an automotive trivia superstar?

The first car manufacturer to record the sale of a million vehicles in one year was Ford with the Model T in 1922. What was the next car? If you guessed the 1973 Volkswagen Beetle, you are correct!

Get ready to test your automotive knowledge because we are excited to announce the QNX Software Systems automotive trivia sweepstakes.

Each Friday, starting on August 10, we’ll tweet out an automotive trivia question at 1:00 pm ET from the @QNX_Auto Twitter account and look to you for answers. You’ll have four hours to tweet us back with your guess; the official answer will be unveiled at 5:00 pm ET that same day.

Those who respond to the @QNX_Auto Twitter account with the correct guess will be entered into a monthly draw where they’ll be eligible to win a BlackBerry® PlayBook®. Participants get one entry per week – that’s a maximum of four entries per month. For a full overview of rules, visit:

So start brushing up on your automotive facts and stay tuned for Friday’s first question!

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