Thursday, June 14, 2012

HTML5 brings new buzz to infotainment system development

QNX to unveil QNX CAR 2 platform on Freescale i.MX 6 at FTF Americas — a guest post from Paul Sykes of Freescale

If you’ve visited the QNX website recently or attended the Telematics Detroit conference last week, then you’ve surely noticed that HTML5 is getting a lot of attention in automotive these days. The buzz around HTML5 focuses on two areas: as an application development and delivery framework, and as an HMI framework. In discussions with many industry participants, my impression is that the application framework part is generally accepted, while the HMI framework part still isn’t well understood.

I don’t intend to discuss these HTML5 aspects in detail. There are experts within the ecosystem that can do a much better job than me. But I will say that Freescale applications processors will offer the processing and graphics performance to run the desired applications and bring the HMI to life with stunning graphics.

Next week, Freescale will host the annual FTF Americas event in San Antonio, TX. We are very excited about the first public unveiling of the QNX CAR 2 application platform on i.MX 6. Since QNX CAR 2 is based on HTML5, it is particularly fitting to mention in this blog. For those with an interest in understanding more about HTML5 for infotainment systems, QNX and many other ecosystem partners will be on hand at FTF to discuss their thoughts and plans.

Paul Sykes is a member of Freescale’s driver information systems team.


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