Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Doug Newcomb goes social with new car tech blog

Lots of people blog about automotive technology, but few have the chops to grab my attention. Doug Newcomb is an exception, and I invite you to check out his blog, which came online two weeks ago.

The blog may be new, but Doug himself has deep roots in automotive journalism. Among other things, he created the car technology section of; edited several publications, including Car Audio and Electronics, Car Stereo Review, and Road&Track Road Gear; and contributed to many others, including Popular Mechanics, MSN Autos, Corvette Quarterly, and SEMA News. On top of that, he wrote Car Audio for Dummies.

So far, Doug's blog posts have run the gamut — from the new Garmin Suzuki infotainment system to the virtual exhaust sounds emitted by Audi's e-tron supercar. Speaking of which, here's a video showing how those sounds were created:

To learn more about this and other developments in car tech, take a minute to visit Doug's blog or connect with him on Facebook.

PostScript: In case you're wondering, I wrote this post before I discovered that Doug had written a short article on QNX's membership in the Car Connectivity Consortium. Holy synchronicity, Batman!


  1. Thanks Paul for the shout-out and kinds words! I look forward to keeping up with the QNX Auto team's endeavors as the connected car hits warp speed.

  2. My pleasure, Doug. And yes, I think you're right: This isn't going to slow down anytime soon. :-) ^PL