Wednesday, January 25, 2012

QNX concept car makes detour at TI headquarters

Guest post by Kroy Zeviar, QNX strategic alliances

My colleague Mark Rigley must feel (justifiably) proud these days. He is, after all, head of the team that created the new QNX concept car, which took home a Best of Show award from 2012 CES.

You'd think that Mark and I would be anxious to get home after a hectic, albeit gratifying week at CES. And indeed, we were. But we made a slight detour and stopped over in Dallas to show off the car to our friends at Texas Instruments.

Everyone loved it. The car, based on a Porsche 911, takes advantage of TI's OMAP4 and wireless connectivity solutions, so folks were naturally excited to see what their technology had helped enable.

Better yet, TI brought in a pro photographer to take these cool pix...

Upwards of 400 folks came out to see the car

Checking out the new head unit and digital cluster

Mark, in the passenger seat, giving one of many demos

Best of CES 2012 winner. Woo-hoo!

This shot is just cool.

And speaking of cool, a huge shoutout to the TI OMAP and
wireless solutions teams for all their great support!


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